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The New System Generation For Simulation & Training

CORE is the result of 20 years of experience in the training and simulation area. The CORE product family offers a range of applications which cover most of the training and simulation needs in a professional environment.

CORE addresses all kind of forces who have a need to simulate specific situations and improve the skills on patrol level or any other speciality. As CORE can address the real fire, E-Learning AND the simulation training it is possible to approach any Agency regardless of their positioning towards simulation.

With the CQB version CORE supports a more dynamic and realistic FX training.

One system – multiple use

The CORE product family consists of 4 main system applications for different use cases. The content (scenarios, paper target, dry fire drills, etc.) will be different but the system basis is for all options the same. Therefore, the live fire configuration can be as well used for CQB training by simply exchanging the weapons.

This provides a high degree of flexibility and a high utilization ratio. There are no fix installations needed and the system “goes” to the trainees and not vice versa. This ensures an optimal utilization of training time and reduction of inefficient travel hours comparing to fixed installed systems.

Beside a standard pack of training tools also end user specific content can be created either on the scenario side or for E-Learning purposes.

Targets, Character, Scenarios, Shooting Drills and Shooting Certification (Test), real weapons, real fire

Selected lessons for  self learning or training Examples: weapon cleaning, shooting drill with training weapon

Targets, Character Scenarios, Shooting Drills and Shooting, Certification (Test), with training weapons

Mobile system for CQB indoor and outdoor


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