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Screen based Simulation was yesterday

With the help of Augmented Reality, learning content can be brought to life.  The material to be learned can be repeated physically and at any time, independent of location and as often as desired. The user can thus directly influence the learning speed. 

The learning material is permanently taught 100% the same way each time it is repeated. Missed lessons can be made up outside the regular curriculum. This means that the regular school timetable is not negatively affected.

The lessons are implemented in AR together with the client as far as possible. The trainer himself can take on the role of virtual instructor. 

Simple examples of use:

  • Weapon handling (basic)
  • Weapon cleaning
  • Explanation of basic safety rules
  • Simple dry firing exercises
  • Technical tactical courses
  • etc.

Use Case

The AR E-learning tool from CORE is a self-contained, independent system. Each user has a complete system with all the hardware and software needed for teaching. It also enables isolated training decentralised from a school or training centre. As an individual user, little space is required. 

The instructor does not have to be permanently present during the lessons. The system makes it possible to form smaller groups from a larger class. The system can then be used as a side-line. The instructor has the possibility to take individual students during the lesson to check, challenge or encourage them. The learning material can be stored in different languages.