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Whether in live fire or simulated, CORE is the new dimension for tactical 360° training. Based on our many years of experience and close cooperation with special forces, we have developed the CORE CQB training. The ultra-flexible CORE system, which can be used anywhere, enables unprecedented variable training in both live and simulated fire.

Due to the changed threat situation, the requirements for the training of police forces are also changing. The CORE system can be easily adapted to the respective level and training within seconds via QR code.

Many units and instructors have been able to gain experience at the tactical level in the areas of urban warfare and military operations on urbanised terrain (MOUT). These insights can be implemented with the CORE system for Close Quarters Combat (CQC), Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and Close Quarters Marksmanship (CQM).

The days of shooting at rigid cardboard targets are over. Forces need to train as close to the action as possible and require reactive, non-repetitive targets that show a clear visual reaction when an impact is achieved. The CORE system makes it possible to display any type of target and its reactions in any conceivable environment. The shooter engages the target until it goes down or shows the desired reaction. It is suitable for live fire or training ammunition such as UTM and FX as well as pure simulation weapons.

Training is possible in any existing infrastructure and floor plan – any tactical situation can be trained realistically. With the CORE system, you can change, start, stop, etc. a scenario by simply attaching QR codes. The QR codes are automatically detected by the AR glasses and the corresponding scenario is activated or changed.

Currently and in the coming years, the concepts of shooting training will have to change and adapt. For this purpose, the CORE system has been developed to provide a fast and safer way of training in the room, the 25m shooting range, the KD Box or an unused building. The new requirements for the individual shooter as well as the training as a team can be further improved individually.

Operational forces also need to train as close as possible to the upcoming operational scenarios, and for this the CORE system offers the perfect solution. With one click, the instructor creates a new QR code that changes part or all of the scenario. In this way, the maximum flexibility of the team or individual can be trained quickly and easily, taking into account the local conditions and the existing environment/infrastructure. The training staff can react quickly and completely change a flat or training location with one click.