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The CORE Philosophy

The focus is to create as much realism as possible in terms of trainee movements, projection quality and weapon handling. The system is easy to use, the instructor is able to run the simulator without the support of an IT engineer.

Local content of scenarios is very important – immersive training means as well that a trainee will find himself in a well-known environment such as a train station or a street. Therefore, local content is important and can be created in an efficient way. Based on a state-of-the-art database development the system has real multi language capabilities and local languages can be imported in an efficient way.

Even simple scenarios like a shoot / non shoot drill must offer the ability to modify reactions of the actor in order to avoid habits – each training even with existing scenarios must be new for the trainee.

Robust and reliable quality on the software and hardware is for CORE a major point as training time is crucial and planning is tight.

  • There was a rapid technology development over the past years. CORE is on the latest level and will be the new standard for many years.
  • Digital targets, characters, shooting drills (paper targets, moving targets, steel targets, etc).
  • Basic judgmental scenarios (shoot / non shoot)
  • Standard shooting test programs (SPI, FBI and others).
  • Complex multi incident scenarios.
  • To create characters real persons will be scanned and digitalized – there will be no avatar programming needed.
  • Lidar based environment recording for customized scenarios.